YesJulz Teases Upcoming 1 AM Vibes "Mini Music Festival"

While YesJulz might have made a name for herself as a social media "influencer" and party planner, she's continued to move on to bigger and bigger things. After discovering, and subsequently managing, G.O.O.D. Music signee 070 Shake, she's brought herself into rap's inner circle, even making an appearance at Kanye West's Wyoming listening party.

She has plenty more in stock however, and during an interview for our The Plug video series, she mentioned a series exciting projects. Her 1 AM Vibes brand events will be going on a world wide tour, hitting everywhere from Croatia to Toronto, and 070 Shake, who delivered one the strongest moments from Kanye's Ye album, will start putting out new music and visuals.

One piece news, however, was particularly interesting. In an almost f-hand mention, Julz confirms the possibility a 1 AM Vibes "mini music festival." Though she clarifies that it would only be a ble project starting next year, the idea is still intriguing. Considering her connections in the industry, it's pretty likely that she'd be able to grab some big names to headline the event. At the very least, we'll be able to get a G.O.O.D. Music artist or two.

While it's still only in the ideas phase for the moment, music festivals always provide ample opportunity for excitement, allowing artists to put on insane performances or preview new music. As such, any opportunity for festivities is always welcomed, and chances are a 1 AM Vibes festival would be one worth checking out.

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