YFN Lucci Shares Hurdles In His Relationship With Reginae Carter

YFN Lucci's on-again-off-again relationship with Reginae Carter has been played out in the media, but the rapper recently sat down with BET's Black Coffee hosts to clear the air. He shared that social media has been an issue in their relationship because he doesn't take the opinions of others to heart, while Reginae gives other people, including strangers, too much control.

"I be trying to let her know man, you can't let Instagram and all them people dictate our relationship," he said. "They gon' give their opinions, but you don't even know these people. How you just gon' take their word for it?" When asked to give an example he said, "I got girl fans. So a girl can write her and say 'That's my man,' and she'll believe it, and then she'll send it to me, and I'll be like, 'Who the hell is this? This a random person.' You just gotta be strong, and talk and work it out."

Back in April, Reginae cited a quote from Lauren London about Nipsey Hussle where London stated that she felt safe in their relationship. Reginae went on to say that she didn't feel that same safety with Lucci, causing Lucci to write, "This girl said I don't make her feel safe. U should leave me then because your life is wayyyyy more important than this relationship."

However, on Black Coffee, Lucci now says his initial reaction was a bit much because she was speaking about a different kind of safety. "I didn't even get that. Like, c'mon man," he said. "I don't even know what angle she was going at. She tried to make it seem like, it wasn't safe with me. She was saying [it for] another reason, say for instance, in the relationship, I guess. But I'm thinking a whole other way, like, 'How you don't be feeling safe with me?' I be doing all this other sh*t to make sure you good, and you say that?"

Check out Lucci's full interview below.

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