YG Hit With Two Additional Felony Charges From Alleged Vegas Robbery: Report

Earlier this year, YG was accused of robbing a man's chain after ordering his crew to beat the individual up. He was later hit with one charge of felony robbery but now, he's facing two more charges stemming from the same incident.

A grand jury has indicted YG and charges him with two additional felonies from the alleged robbery that occurred in Vegas earlier this year, The Blast reports. The rapper was previously only facing one charge of felony robbery. On September 7th, YG was hit with two more felony charges including grand larceny and larceny. Both the grand larceny and robbery charges carry a maximum 10-year sentence each. YG's expected to be arraigned later this month.

Benjamin Naderi, the alleged victim, sued YG and The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas after he was robbed and beat up in Las Vegas. He said that the Stay Dangerous rapper shut him down when he asked for a photo. YG allegedly got upset with the fan and Naderi claimed that the rapper told his crew to "get him." After he was allegedly jumped by YG's crew, Naderi says the "Big Bank" rapper walked up to him and snatched his gold chain and diamond pendant off of him before leaving the scene.

YG was sued for assault, battery, and theft. The Cosmopolitan was sued for inadequate security at their facility. He's seeking $250K in damages.

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