YG Promises One More Album After "4REAL 4REAL"

YG aka "the gang-bangin' ass dad" is currently readying the release of his upcoming 4REAL 4REAL project. With the singles "Stop Snitching" and "Go Loko" raising the intrigue levels, YG shared a curious message yesterday, hinting at the trajectory of his future plans. With his new album set to arrive on May 24th, it would appear that Young Gangsta is already looking beyond, promising that he's got another album in the cut. 

"After this album drop May 24th, I got 1 more album left," he writes, Twitter. "Finally bout to be a new man! The Marathon." The verbiage of YG's words somewhat foreshadows the rapper's retirement, given the inherent sense of finality to "1 album left." Yet, as Complex suggests, YG could be alluding to the conclusion of a contract, and perhaps the dawn of a new era. 

With 4REAL 4REAL arriving in the imminent future, where do you feel like YG stacks up in today's game? Does his discography deserve more recognition? Sound off below, and keep an eye out for more from the 4Hunnid capo.

YG Promises One More Album After "4REAL 4REAL"

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

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