Yo Gotti Concert Interrupted By Nearby Gunfire, One Person Killed

A Yo Gotti concert in Kansas City, Missouri, was interrupted last night by the sounds gunfire coming from a parking lot very close to the venue.

According to TMZ, Gotti was on stage at around 11:30PM at the Uptown Theater when police received word that someone had been shot nearby. When police and paramedics arrived on the scene, they found one victim, who had been shot dead.

There's no word on whether the shooting was in any way connected to the concert, or if it just so happened to coincidentally take place in the same area. Witnesses present at the time said that the shooting was a result a fight that broke out in the parking lot, and in the midst the fight, someone fired the shots.

While there has been no mention the incident from Gotti, rapper Dwayne Bowe, who performed with Gotti that night at the concert, posted a video denouncing the event, and calling for people to do better in the future.

"Great show man, killed the show," said Bowe. "But this stupid shit has got to stop man. Two people got killed. That shit's crazy. It was an awesome show man, shout out KC. We got to do better black people, we've got to look out for each other."

While Bowe was wrong about the amount people who were killed, it's not chill to interrupt a rap show people paid to go see just because you feel like shooting somebody.

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