You Can Now Download All The Data Apple Has Been Collecting About You

Ever since the Cambridge Analytica Facebook scandal, the public has become more aware how loosely they hand over information. Social media apps, websites, laptops, smartphones, and tablets all collect and store data based on the user, with some the data being personal. For the most part, the information is collected in order to dictate your shopping habits, political affiliations, and interests in order to feed you advertisements or news that would be most relatable to you. In other cases, the information may be used maliciously to steal identities, and in the case Cambridge, illegally sold for research.

Apple, making an intuitive move, has chosen to allow users to view and download all the data that has been collected on them through the new “Data and Privacy” section on its website. You'll need your Apple ID and password to log in and request the data, which users can also make changes to. Apple is now also allowing users to deactivate their account temporarily or get rid it permanently. A reactivation method has also been made available, but if the account is deleted permanently, it's gone forever. 

In other news, Samsung continues to take shots at the Apple iPhone in a new commercial. 

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