You Can Now Own A Piece Of The Original Death Star

The absolute mania surrounding Star Wars has literally not stopped since the first movie's premiere all the way back in 1977. The film that would eventually be retitled as Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, was filled with legacy characters and iconic set pieces. One the scenes that stays in a lot people's heads is the Death Star run, where a group intrepid pilots go on a daring mission to shoot lasers into a tiny exhaust chute on the surface a planet-sized death ray.

As I'm sure most you know, the heroes succeed and the Death Star is blown to bits. However, f the screen, the pieces the Death Star still exist, and now a chance to own one has appeared. 

According to Huffington Post, when the filming  Episode IV wrapped up, the left over pieces the Death Star were thrown into the dumpster at Industrial Light & Magic, where the special effects were done. An enterprising ex-employee ILM dug a piece out the trash as a souvenir, and eventually ended up selling it to a collector. 

It appears now that that very same piece has been put up for auction online. At the current time writing, the bid is only at $10,600 for this 24" x 12" piece iconic movie history. A true Star Wars fan would be more than willing to drop that kind guap on a Death Star, food and rent be damned. 

The auction ends on June 2nd, so there's still plenty time to get your bid in. 

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