Young Buck Taunts 50 Cent As "The Battle Of G-Unit" Continues

50 Cent has long enjoyed toying with his enemies, but ever since the birth of “Fofty,” things have reached a disturbing tipping point. Fof recently escalated his feud with Young Buck to peak petty levels, actively sabotaging Buck’s music career with the removal of one of his music videos. At the time, 50 brushed it off, instead offering up an emphatic “I want my money.” Buck appeared unfazed on the surface, clapping back with an unflattering image of his former collaborator. While it's unclear whether Buck opened the checkbooks, he does seem to be seizing the opportunity for a little bit of bonus marketing.

Young Buck Taunts 50 Cent As "The Battle Of G-Unit" Continues

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Today, Buck took a moment to plug his new video for "Road Trip," taunting Fofty in the process. "Aye #Foffy or whatever tf yo name is," writes Buck. "You forgot to take this one down "Road Trip" Video Out. Hatin a$$ mtf you gotta pay for something to own it." While some might describe Buck's behavior as "poking the bear," lest we forget that Buck is a veteran of G-Unitand no stranger to battle in his own right. In fact, Buck seems happy to take the feud to the booth, an unlikely conclusion given 50's pseudo-retirement.

Given the way this one has played out behind the scenes, have you shifted your alliance one way or another?

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