Young Dolph Admits To Spending $500K+ Yearly At Dolce & Gabbana

Everybody has their favorite brands. Some have a weakness for Gucci and others prefer the classic stylings of Louis Vuitton. Young Dolph, a man with very expensive taste, is into a different luxury brand. In fact, he's so in love with this designer that he drops over half a million at their stores every year.

Last month, Dolph announced that he was turning down a $22 million deal to sign a new partnership with Empire and while all that money would have helped him re-up quickly from all his shopping at Dolce & Gabbana, we're sure he's weighed all the pros and cons and will be making more cash this way. The Memphis staple made the revelation as he shrugged for the camera, standing in front of D&G wearing his latest purchases. "Spend 500k a year on D&G," wrote the artist, causing fans to either scold him for wasting his money on clothes or reveal their envy and jealousy. Let's be honest though, if you have enough dough to turn down $22 million, you can definitely afford to spend half a mil at D&G.

Earlier in the year, Dolph showed off his badass Rolls-Royce, which is only one vehicle in a collection of whips that can compete with the best of them. It seems that cars aren't the only things that Dolph likes to cash out on.

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