Young Thug Designed Bol Bol’s Show Stealing NBA Draft Suit

Despite missing out on the majority of last season at Oregon due to a stress fracture injury he incurred in his left foot, Bol Bol still showed enough spunk to NBA scouts to be taken at some point in the first round of the NBA Draft. Son of former legendary shot-blocker Manute Bol, Bol Bol shares many similar traits with his father. With incredibly long limbs and a knack for timing his blocks, defensively Bol looks pretty much like a (slightly) smaller version of his father. He offers an interesting skill set that looks to be a great fit in perimeter centric schemes that currently dominate the NBA.

Young Thug Designed Bol Bol's Show Stealing NBA Draft Suit

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

And while Bol isn’t necessarily projected to be a lottery pick, he stole the show at the NBA Draft with his striking, black and white spiderweb suit. Bol clocked into the event rocking an insanely expensive suit, which Bol informed reporters was designed and made by Atlanta rapper Young Thug. Thug is known for his love of all things luxe, designer and heavy on the wallet, so it's really no surprise that the custom suit his company designed for Bol cashes in at a whooping six figures. Expected to be around until the second half of the first round, the suit will get quite a bit of air time, providing some pretty substantial marketing for Thug’s clothing line.

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