Young Thug Explained His Sexuality By Citing His Wealth

Young Thug has played gay for years. Whether it's calling Rich Homie Quan his "hubbie" or aggressively shopping in the girl's department. 

We've always suspected Thugger's sexual fluidity was an act, and our suspicions were somewhat confirmed by Mats Nileskär, a Hip Hop journalist who recently did a AMA.  Nileskär is known to be tight with Thugger. Here's how he answered a question about whether Thug is a "weird dude."

"Pretty sweet, but slightly sensitive when we talked about ATL gayscene," he typed. "My question was pretty simple: 'You being this inventive gender bender - did you get any inspiration from the ATL gayscene?'. And then he became pretty mad and ended his tantrum with 'I am too rich to be gay.'"

Do you think Thugger's just your typical rich, straight, dress-wearing man?

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