Young Thug, J. Cole, MGK & More Among Spotify’s "Song Of The Summer" Predictions

Right now, there are a few songs that can creep up to become the eventual Song of the Summer. It's a title that some artists strive to achieve. If you want to be known as a hitmaker above all else, crafting a Song of the Summer candidate is a big worry for you when you're planning out your releases. There are a few names that we can always expect to see make appearances. People like Drake will be included on prediction lists until the end of his career. This year though, everything is up for grabs. Spotify has just released their own predictions for what could become the eventual Song of the Summer, highlighting some obvious choices and some you wouldn't necessarily think of.

Young Thug, J. Cole, MGK & More Among Spotify's "Song Of The Summer" Predictions
Chesnot/Getty Images

There is still some time for somebody to come out of the blue and release a Song of the Summer candidate. We're surprised to see Drake & Chris Brown's new track get left off this list but it does feel pretty complete. Spotify has decided to shine a spotlight on a few different songs, including "Bad Guy" by Billie Eilish, "Go Loko" by YG, Tyga and Jon Z, "Press" by Cardi B and "Truth Hurts" by Lizzo as their potential picks. The major streaming platform is also celebrating Tyler, The Creator's "EARFQUAKE," Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber's new collaboration, Machine Gun Kelly's rock-inspired "I Think I'm OKAY," and Dominic Fike's phenomenal new "Acai Bowl."

Other artists, like Katy Perry, the late Avicii, Clairo, Five Seconds of Summer, Daddy Yankee, Maren Morris, Bon Iver, Shawn Mendes and more are also in the running. Which do you think will come out on top? 


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