Young Thug Playfully Trashes Tyler, The Creator’s New Album

Tyler, The Creator gave his fans specific instructions on how to consume his new album. You must be fully concentrated on the audio. Put away all potential distractions and fully dive into IGOR for an uninterrupted listen. Many people came out of the experience having appreciated Tyler's artistry a whole lot more than before. We've seen him grow into a progressive artist that is unafraid of breaking boundaries and trying something new. Some of his peers were less than appreciative of the risks he took on IGOR though with Young Thug joking that he hated every second of the album.

Young Thug Playfully Trashes Tyler, The Creator's New Album
Prince Williams/Getty Images

If you weren't paying attention to the emoji used at the end of Thugger's statement, you'd think he's trying to get into a fight with Tyler, The Creator. After all, it's not entirely the nicest idea to tell someone that the project they worked the last few months on is "weak." That's exactly what Jeffery did though when he pulled up to the artist's comments section to drop a deuce all over IGOR. Tyler seemed to agree, telling himself that he's "TRASH" a couple of times. At the end of Thug's post though, he included a Pinocchio nose emoji, calling cap on his own previous statement. The note went over a lot of people's heads but Thug and Tyler didn't really seem to mind, having some fun about it all.

In related Tyler, The Creator comments section news, the rapper shot his shot at Drake by jokingly asking the superstar to "send nudes bro." Check that out here.

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