Young Thug Says Machine Gun Kelly "Murdered" Eminem

We got to experience a few heated rap feuds last year with much of our focus placed on Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem. Many rappers don't have the guts to respond to an Eminem name-drop and why should they? For years, Em has made a name for himself off of completely destroying his opponents. Machine Gun Kelly mustered up the courage to record a diss track against the Detroit legend, coming through with "Rap Devil" before Marshall went in for the kill. After "Killshot" was released, MGK made an effort to try and capitalize off the newfound infamy and his career has actually been on an upward trajectory since then. Depending on who you ask, the most common answer you'll get as to who won this battle will be Eminem. However, Young Thug has a different opinion.

Young Thug Says Machine Gun Kelly "Murdered" Eminem
Thaddaeus McAdams/Getty Images

In a recent Instagram story, the Atlanta rapper decided to ruffle a few feathers by shouting out MGK. While that wouldn't normally be so controversial, the way he did it raised more than a couple of eyebrows. Thug uploaded a video of Kellz on DJ duties at a club and his introduction of the rapper gave away his decision on who won the feud. "THE ONE GUY THAT MURDERED 'M,'" wrote Thugger as his caption. His unpopular opinion was enough to get people talking online with many wondering why Jeffery even chose to speak on the topic.

After having months to reflect on the diss tracks exchanged between MGK and Eminem, who do you think won the feud?


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