Young Thug Tries Viral FaceApp Challenge: See His Grey Beard & Wrinkles

Is FaceApp safe to use? There have been several people chiming in on the fun new viral craze by saying that it actually poses a security hazard. Once you start using the photo-editing app, you reportedly sign away much of your identity for use in Russia, which sounds pretty terrifying. If you're a paranoid person, stay away from the trend. However, if you're anything like Meek Mill, Drake, Dwyane Wade, and more, then go right ahead. The FaceApp Old Age Challenge has taken the world by storm with celebrities all rushing to upload shots of themselves from the future, giving fans a glimpse at what they may look like in fifty years. The latest artist to try out the app is Young Thug, who looks pretty dapper in his entry.

Young Thug Tries Viral FaceApp Challenge: See His Grey Beard & Wrinkles
Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

Young Thug still has a lot of time before he starts getting grey in his beard but until then, he's got FaceApp to help him imagine himself with wrinkles and a more mature face. The 27-year-old recording artist is one of the most famous people in the world and like the rest of his musical peers, he's been intrigued by the accuracy of FaceApp's facial recognition software. As you surely know by now, the app uses existing photos to create a version of you from the future, showing what you may look like in your eighties. When it comes to Thugger, he's still rocking tons of designer drip and jewelry, he's just got more profound markings on his face and a greying goatee. Still looking great, though!

Who has uploaded your favourite FaceApp creation thus far?

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