Young Thug's Mug Shot Has Surfaced Thanks To A Leaky Sheriff

TMZ has procured the mugshot from Young Thug's surrender to police. The portrait is pretty standard fare of him posing without his glasses, lip piercing and all. The YSL rapper turned himself into local authorities on Tuesday, and was immediately told he would be held without bail pending a hearing taking place this afternoon. 

The charges stem from an incident last year when cops allegedly found a stash of contraband within his car. They say they only pulled him over to assign him a ticket for having tinted windows. On his person that day, cops say they recouped amphetamine, Alprazolam, codeine (2 counts) and a firearm, all contained within his stash.

Thugger was eventually indicted on eight felony charges including possession and intent to distribute marijuana, hydrocodone and meth. The YSL rapper was essentially responding to an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

Young Thug will have to fend off a persuasive argument from the prosecutor's office who want him held without bond. This legal wrangle could very disrupt his scheduled arrangement with J. Cole on his KOD tour. Even if the Judge shows leniency and sets bail, there's no way Thugger will be allowed to cross the border for Canadian dates, let alone comply with all the demands of the KOD tour.

Check out the mug shot here.

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