Young Thug’s Questionable "F*ck Me Daddy" Post Earns Equally Odd Reactions

A journalist said last week that when he was interviewing Young Thug, the man was aggravated after a question came up about the gay scene in Atlanta. The query garnered a frustrated response from Jeffery, who allegedly said that he's "too rich" to be gay. For years, people have wondered about Young Thug's sexuality. He is certainly comfortable enough to make comments that not many other artists would make. Maybe that makes him more in tune than the rest of us or maybe it means that he's hiding a secret. If we're being honest, Thug's sexuality is none of our business. For what it's worth, he has spent several years in a relationship with fellow rapper Jerrika Karlae, a woman he has shouted out on more than one occasion. Thug's most recent post on social media has understandably ruffled a few feathers and in a few moments, you'll see why.

Uploading an image of himself in the studio licking a wad of cash, Jeffery's caption had people second-guessing all that they know about the Atlanta-based rapper. "Fuck me daddy," wrote the Slime General as his caption. This isn't the first time Thug has posted some sus comments for us all to try and understand. Could it be that this is simply Slime Language and we're not yet accustomed to the terminology? This might just be another case of his infamous "Smokin penises" tweet from 2011.

Young Thug's closest allies have shrugged off the post as typical behaviour from the superstar with Gunna, Nav, Trippie Redd and Quando Rondo commenting a flurry a laughter emojis. Some of his more sensitive fans have informed him that they can no longer support him because of the picture, which definitely seems a little extra.

What do you think of the post?

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