Young Thug’s Young Daughter Allegedly Drives Car In Instagram Video

Parents often let their children do things that others consider to be dangerous. Some parents believe it's best to let their children try certain things at a young age while others think it's funny to watch their kids engage in grown-up activities. Kids are given a sip of alcohol on special occasions, are told to say a cuss word for laughs, or, in Young Thug's case, are allowed to get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

A video surfaced online that allegedly shows Thugger's daughter driving a car while an adult in the passenger seat, presumed to be the child's mother, filmed her. In the short, muted clip, the little girl can hardly see over the steering wheel as she holds on tightly, her hands hardly able to grasp. A woman's arm comes into view, reaching over to help steer the wheel just slightly before letting go and allowing the child to drive on her own.

TheShadeRoom shared the video on their Instagram page and it has reached over 1.5 million views. There are nearly 22K comments on the post, and many of them are blasting the rapper and the mother of his daughter for allowing this to happen. Former NBA star Matt Barnes called the actions "Stupid" and Tyrese said, "I’m almost sure DFCS is gonna see this." Thousands of others mirrored their sentiments, however, some didn't see the big deal. "Y’all tripping like your parents didn’t let you sit in their lap to drive their cars!!!" one person wrote. "We just didn’t have social media back then!!"

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