Your EDM Premiere: Aadysi – Runnin' Back To You

Creativity is key when working in an industry as saturated as dance music. New songs come out every single day, good or bad, and you have to be exceptional to stand out apart from the crowd. With the advent a few new genres in the past decade, producers have had the opportunity to play with new soundscapes and designs that no one had ever heard. Now, heading into 2018, innovation in individual genres is beginning to stagnate, but producers are blending genres more and more to brilliant effect.

The new single from Aadysi, “Runnin’ Back To You,” is a perfect example such a blend. Utilizing elements breaks, future bass, trap, and hip hop in this one song, you get a complete flavor palate and a feeling satisfaction when it’s all said and done. For only 23 years old, Aadysi’s depth knowledge and style is impressive and more than welcome.

“Runnin’ Back To You” is out now – check it out below!

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