Your EDM Premiere: Blinded Hearts – Brand New (feat. Louise CS) [Tipsy Records]

With releases on renowned labels such as (MrRevillz) and DIAMOND, German producer returns with a summer-inspired, feel-good tune on . Immediately, captivating, ‘Brand New’ with its ballad driven chord progression and emotive vocals Swedish singer-songwriter, Louise CS. This track fers exactly what it states on the tin. Delivering fresh and soothing melodies with its signature guitar hooks in the drop, definitely a realisation the meaning brand new. This is one those tunes where you want to rock the volume up to ear breaking decibels in the car, get the windows down and just cruise all day long.

The quality and roster Tipsy Records has been in ascendancy throughout the whole 2017 and what a great way to deliver their message great music even further with this first release to kick f 2018. I am personally very excited to see what this indie label has cooking up to continue their imprint feel-good, authentic and genuine music. Turn up the volume, get the repeat button ready and enjoy, ‘Brand New’.

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