Your EDM Premiere: Dan Farber – Always ft. Boy Matthews [Big Beat]

Fresh f a successful 2017, Dan Farber releases his newest single “Always,” featuring vocals from Boy Matthews, who fans will recognize as the singer/co-writer on Duke Dumont’s “Ocean Drive.”

The single out tomorrow Big Beat heavily features Matthews’ charming vocals atop Farber’s effortless production, blending an easy-listening experience with a musically complex structure. Though a little slow to be dropped during a high-energy set, it’s easy to see how this song could be modified for a live or even acoustic performance.

“Every day we do so many different things for so many different people. To me this song expresses both the love a person can feel for that special one in their life – the person who you will do anything for ‘Always’ – but also,  for me personally, it is also a love letter to anybody that supports me and my music. I don’t make music just for myself, I make music for anyone who has ever danced, laughed, cried or loved because my music. If you listen to my music don’t forget; I do it for you, Always.” – DAN FARBER

Listen to “Always” below!

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