YOUR EDM PREMIERE: Defunk's "Pretty Things" Will Make You Drop What You're Doing & Dance

From Defunk comes a risk-taking, genre-bending production that will make you drop everything you’re doing just to get up and dance!

“Pretty Things” is an imaginative blend  glitch hop, complextro and funk that demands and deserves attention. Defunk, a Calgary-based producer described as “never one afraid to take a chance with his music,” showcases exactly why that quality sets him apart with this release. “Pretty Things” also marks the first track f his upcoming EP.

The track truly has it all — a catchy beat, a gnarly drop, and a whole lotta soul! Familiar instruments collide with a world unexpected moments as funky guitar riffs and piano chords are met with striking percussion and dirty synth work. With all these audible textures at play, Defunk makes “Pretty Things” incredibly fun to get down to and impossible to not repeat!

Take time to stop and listen to the “Pretty Things” in life and the platform your choice .

Defunk – Pretty Things

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