YouTube Rapper Benjiboy Staccs Arrested For Pimping An 18 Year-Old

A YouTube rapper, named Angel Oritz Diamond, who allegedly raps about the pimping subculture has been arrested and charged with pimping and pandering an 18-year-old woman. Diamond, aged 31, hails from Los Angeles and goes by the name of “Benjiboy Staccs” on YouTube. He was arrested last Monday and charged with a felony count each, for both pimping and pandering. 

Diamond, who's scheduled to make his next court appearance on Thursday, pleaded not guilty to the charges. According to the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force, Diamond’s activities were closely inspected after they received a tip from the relative of an 18-year-old Orange County woman. Authorities report that Diamond has posted several videos to YouTube with songs which “glorify the pimping subculture.” As well as this, in many of his videos, in which lyrics are peppered with profanity and derogatory names for women, he waves around stacks of hundred-dollar bills and is surrounded by scantily clad women (but what else is new here?)


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