Zaxx Releases Easily One Of 2018's Best Releases So Far – 'Together' [MUST LISTEN]

Many are familiar with Zaxx due to how he became a de facto apprentice Tiesto when the legendary artist began championing his sound. Their relationship helped Zaxx gain many followers early on, but don't get it twisted – Zaxx didn't spend his time riding Tijs' coattails. Quickly Zaxx's sound began to evolve. Exploring several different subgenres under the umbrella electronic music, the young artist quickly began demonstrating an innate talent for producing jaw-dropping records.

In 2018 we have heard a few tunes from Zaxx and all have been impressive in their own right. But, the single that he has released today is a true game changer. ‘Together' is the kind track that doesn't come around too ten. It isn't too far to say that tracks like this only comes every few years. It is seriously one the most impressive releases I have heard so far in 2018. Deadmau5 has ‘Strobe', Prydz has ‘Opus', and now Zaxx has ‘Together'.

Zaxx – ‘Together'

The track begins slow and relaxed. A mellow xylophone-like percussion comes in and then atmospheric synths begin to ring out in unison. Over the next several minutes, tension rises at a calculated rate. Listening to the build gives one equal feeling anxiety and excitement. Zaxx teases the listener as the sonic tidal wave continues to build before their ears. A chorus slowly comes in just as things hit a fever pitch and then, it all comes cascading down.

The driving progressive drop and outro are euphoric, captivating and give the track a sense completion as it takes things home. Zaxx really flexed his production talent on this one. Working outside his comfort zone to bring his fans something entirely new and unexpected. The payf was big, as this one is a home run. Check it out below.

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