ZHU Crafts Fresh Breed of Trap Music with New Single

ZHU is celebrating the Year the Dog in the best way possible — with new music!

Behold, “Jet, The Doberman,” a filthy, trap-infused track that walks on the hard side ZHU’s sound. Production-wise he flexes different muscles than we’ve come to expect, but the new song doesn’t come without it’s signature ZHU moments.

“Jet, The Doberman,” much like the breed itself, takes on an energetic, fearless, and steadfast sound, fully embracing The Year the Dog. A song so fierce that it just might bite.

ZHU, as next level as he is, obviously has an entire Year the Dog capsule collection to go with the track’s release — because why wouldn’t he?! Shop the look  and enjoy the new release as a free download!



Photo Joe Vitalari @vtlmedia

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