ZHU Releases Dark, Driving New EP – 'RINGOS DESERT PT. 1'

Two days ago ZHU dropped the news that he was embarking on a massive tour this fall. During the social media spots he put out, he also released a phone number which fans could text. If they followed through on the prompt they would receive a link to pre-register for tickets. ZHU has always followed up tour announcements with new music. I think everyone remembers The BLK LZT tour and the accompanying EP which took shots at several industry heavy hitters.

Ringos Desert Pt. 1

ZHU once again has returned with new music since the announcement his new tour, and it is a dark driving EP which features a range styles as well as collaborators. The lead-f track, ‘Stormy Love', quickly evolves as it pushes forward over 3 and a half minutes. ZHU incorporates otherworldly elements into his music making the listening experience like walking through a sonic funhouse. Around every turn, you don't know what you might find or hear. It is weird, unsettling in some ways but overall just really, really good.

Another standout on the extended play is the just over 6-minute ominous yet euphoric, ‘Desert Woman'. The tune begins with a driving techno beat but atmospheric major chord progressions tease the listener as the track develops. ZHU really took his production to a different level with EP.

Check out the new EP below and get details on ZHU's new tour here.

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